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Our Programs

Already, World Is Our Classroom impacts the lives of more than 4,300
students who come through its programs each year. To build upon its
successes, WIOC looks to develop and implement additional programs to
impact and teach many more participants to be prepared to enter the 21st century workplace.

Ongoing programs include:

A Day at Bondi’s Island
5th grade
Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, Suez, Springfield College, Springfield Public Schools

Holyoke Manufacturing Education Initiative at Hazen Paper Company
5th grade
Hazen Paper Company, Holyoke Community College (HCC), Holyoke Public Schools

Westfield Manufacturing Education Initiative at Mestek, Inc.
5th grade

Partners: Mestek, Inc., Springfield Technical Community College (STCC), Westfield Public Schools

Life Science Initiative at Cobble Mountain
7th grade
Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, STCC, Springfield Public Schools

Physical Science Initiative in Killingly, Conn.
Wastewater Treatment Facility
6th grade

Partners: Suez, STCC, Killingly Public Schools

A Day at the Chicopee Water Pollution Control Facility
5th grade
City of Chicopee, STCC, Chicopee Public Schools

Also, we have offered:

Clean Water Engineering Technology Program
with Directed Specialty Disciplines at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC), Springfield high schools, Springfield Water and Sewer Commission and Suez.

One-Day Medical Encounters at STCC, HCC, Greenfield Community College, and Berkshire Community College, high schools throughout Western Massachusetts; MassMutual FATE grant, US Department of Labor Grant, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Eighth-Grade Energy Resources Education Program at the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility, Springfield Public Schools, Covanta and STCC; MassMutual FATE.

Eleventh-Grade Transportation, Engineering and Technology Design Initiative; High School of Science and Technology and University of Massachusetts–Amherst; MassMutual FATE grant and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Gateway to 21st Century STEMM Pilot Program; Holyoke Public Schools and Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center; United Way of Pioneer Valley.

Early Risers Literacy Program, Holyoke Housing Authority and Holyoke Public Schools; United Way of Pioneer Valley and Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.


World Is Our Classroom, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, is an innovative, program-based project that provides the children of our community with education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and manufacturing through programs that emphasize real-world experience and hands-on learning.

Please contact us at 413-787-0008, or nora@worldisourclassroom.org to learn more about the organization.

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